Terms and conditions of use


  1. The terms of sale govern the rights and obligations arising between the customer of the Beautyresidence.com online store(hereinafter the Seller) and the Buyer (hereinafter the Client) when buying goods (hereinafter the Goods/Goods).
  2. At the final stage of order placement, VAT in the amount of 20% is added to the price of the goods.
  3. The Beautyresidence reserves the right to change the terms of sale and prices of the goods sold. Such changes are displayed in the online store www.beautyresidence.com.
  4. To place an order, you need to register in the www.beautyresidence.com online store.
  5. Goods can be purchased by a Client who has registered in the online store and received confirmation from the Seller.
  6. The goods are available for users with professional cosmetology education or beautician’s education.
  7. Purchases by legal entities are regulated by a separate legal agreement, which is concluded at the beginning of cooperation with the Beautyresidence OÜ.

Delivery and handover of goods

  1. After the sales contract comes into force (after the Client has paid the prepayment invoice), the Beautyresidence completes the order and transfers it to its logistics partners for their subsequent delivery to the Buyer.
  2. The order is processed after payment has been received.
  3. Delivery is possible by the methods specified in the online store www.beautyresidence.com.
  4. Delivery of orders to the Estonian islands depends on the conditions of a chosen delivery method. Delivery to the islands may take up to 3 business days after the transfer of Goods to the logistics company.
  5. In order to avoid delays in delivery, the client must make sure in advance that the contact details are correct.
  6. In case of non-compliance of the Goods with the terms of the contract, the Client has the right:
    • return the goods in accordance with the rules of return of goods;
    • demand a refund for goods returned according to the terms of the return.
  7. The Beautyresidence shall not be responsible for delay in delivery of the Goods if the Goods are delivered to the logistics partner in a timely manner and a delay in delivery is associated with the activities of the transport company.

Return of Goods

  1. In the event that the Client has decided to return the goods, he must contact us immediately. Report your decision in writing. You should write to the address: info@beautyresidence.com.
  2. The following goods are non-refundable:
    • cosmetic products in open packaging;
    • products where it is impossible to determine the volume of the amount used, for example, a cream with a dispenser in non-transparent packaging;
    • products the shelf-life of which directly depends on the date of opening of their package;
    • goods in original packaging opened;
    • products in damaged packaging.
  3. We do not reimburse shipping / handling charges. Shipping costs in case of return of the goods shall be borne by the Client.
  4. The buyer agrees to return the goods to the Beautyresidence OÜ, but no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
  5. Goods can be returned to our representation office at Harjumaa, Tallinn, J. Poska tn 45 // L. Koidula tn 17, 10125 or by using a postal machine having previously notified thereof.
  6. Money for Goods returned shall be refunded to the client within 14 calendar days after receipt of the Goods.
  7. Return of goods to legal entities is governed by a separate agreement, which is concluded before purchase.
  8. If you have any questions about the Product or any complaints, please contact us by email: info@beautyresidence.com.
  9. A written claim may be considered in up to 7 calendar days.
  10. In case of disagreement with the decision of the Seller, the Client (individual) may apply to the Consumer Protection Authority.