Since 2019, Croma, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hyaluronic acid syringes, has made a large-scale rebranding of Princess products. The former brand name Princess was replaced by Saypha.

Croma is rightfully considered to be the manufacturer of safe, high-quality and medically effective products.

Today, Croma owns the most modern hyaluronic acid filling-line in the world.

The new goal of the Saypha® brand is to provide medical staff with more convenient, lightweight and well-thought-out products. Saypha® fillers are produced only at a new fully automated manufacturing site. Austrian quality and safety are the main advantages of the Saypha hyaluronic acid syringes.

Beautyresidence OÜ is an importer of Croma Pharma products in the Baltic States.

Targeted at Europe, Saypha® will be available to all official European importers from January 2019.

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SIMILDIET is a Spanish manufacturer of professional cosmetic products in the field of aesthetic medicine and mesotherapy. The company was founded on the basis of a pharmaceutical laboratory. The SIMILDIET brand includes several product lines for both external and internal use.

Their products are science-based, since SIMILDIET carries out an intensive R&D activity in the field of aesthetic medicine. All the SIMILDIET products are safe and conform to GMP standards.

SIMILDIET specializes in the production of biorevitalizing and mesotherapy products, various serums for hardware cosmetology and home care product line. You can find a more detailed list of SIMILDIET products in our catalogue.

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Natinuel Tallinn Estonia



Natinuel bioceuticals have been tested and approved by A.M.I.A, the Italian Association of Anti-Aging Doctors. Our company is the official distributor of this brand in Estonia.

Natinuel products are designed to effectively combat skin aging. Natinuel skin care line belongs to a new generation of products for correcting aesthetic imperfections using the principle of interactivity. The principle of interactivity refers to new techniques that can improve the skin appearance through the impact on the skin texture in the dermis layer during bio- and photo-aging.

Natinuel products include several skin care lines, in particular: a series of skin lifting products, oily and blemish-prone skin care line, skin care products to get rid of hyperpigmentation and cuperose. The Natinuel novelty is a line of meso products.

Find out more about the Natinuel product line on our website.

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For over 20 years, to combat the loss of elasticity and tissue weakening, the aesthetic cosmetology has used a method of sustaining, which is aimed at making the facial skin resilient and eliminating gravitational ptosis of the face.

For this purpose, absorbable but durable and strong enough threads are used. Thanks to the biodegradable threads, the facial skin is tightened, and the result is sustained for a long time.

The installation of several threads in one area provides the “spring effect” due to their high elasticity.

The installed threads decompose to water and carbon dioxide and 50% of their original strength is preserved after 60-80 days. After 180-240 days, they are fully absorbed. Mesothreads are used when the early signs of aging appear and in combination with cosmetic injections.

Mesothreads have lipolytic, anti-cellulite and firming effect. They are used to form a “carcass” for problem zones.

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EXIMIA has no analogues that could combine the same complex method in one device. Due to the unique Italy-patented technology, this equipment affects muscles and hard-to-reach adipose tissue.

The EXIMIA device can be used for body sculpting, getting rid of cellulite and facial massage as well. The properties of the device allow not only to reduce fat, but also perfectly tighten the skin, making it younger and silky. EXIMIA delivers exciting results even for advanced cellulite.

The course of body sculpting consists of 5 stages. Treatment procedures with the use of EXIMIA equipment are comfortable and painless. This technique is recommended for people with stretch marks, pigment spots, cellulite, and local fat deposits. In addition, EXIMIA equipment is widely used for the postpartum recovery, after weight spikes and liposuction.

Treatment with EXIMIA equipment is contraindicated for pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, people who suffer from cancer, urolithiasis, and having problems with the cardiovascular system.

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