About Us

First of all, Beautyresidence is an international supplier of professional high-tech devices and innovative face and body care products.

These devices and products are designed to be used by specialists, so we offer in-depth training for beauticians and aestheticians.

Our center provides an opportunity for further and additional training for graduates in the field of aesthetic services.

We provide our partners with a professional and constantly developing concept, high-quality and in-depth training, carefully designed service and product portfolios, as well as ongoing support and consolidated marketing strategy.

About Our Team

Our philosophy is to offer only the most advanced technologies and products using our knowledge.

We are devoted to the best professional and high-tech care products, whose effective and non-surgical methods are developed and approved in close cooperation of dermatologists and beauticians who are experts in their field.

We look forward to seeing you as our client, partner or specialist.

Yours Beautyresidence.

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