Training at Beautyresidence

A unique opportunity for you

Our center is keen to collaborate with professionals and companies that seek regular growth. Since the cosmetology industry is being actively developed and more advanced products is being produced, the continuous updating of knowledge is required for its correct application. Our center provides training for those who purchase professional cosmetic products and want to improve their skills.

About Training

Courses held in Beautyresidence are aimed at experienced professionals and graduates from vocational courses. The purpose of the courses is advanced training.

Courses are conducted by specially invited practitioners who teach working with products of certain brands.

In order to get information on the enrollment to a course, its cost and time frame, please refer to our website or check your e-mail. Courses are not held in the summer.

Opportunities After Training

Since our center is a supplier of the best products in its sector, we provide an opportunity for those who have attended a training course to purchase products at special prices. Our goal is to provide our customers and customers of our partners with innovative cosmetics. We also want professionals to use our devices and care products. In order to make your clients confident in your knowledge and skills to deal with products, you will receive a certificate upon graduation from our center.