In 1994 Beautyresidence saw an opportunity to the growing demand for products and services in the beauty industry, knowing that woman never stops taking care of herself from the most important moments of life up to the everyday life.
Beautyresidence is a high professional aesthetic medicine salon where we offer effective non-surgical and luxurious everyday beauty treatments with an individual approach, aiming to improve the physical appearance and satisfaction of the client.
Aesthetic medicine bridges the gap between beauty and health.
It is important because beauty is not just skin deep.
Beauty includes the need to feel good under one’s own skin!

We are committed to the best high-tech and aesthetic COSMETICS maintenances by effective and non-surgical rejuvenating methods.
The newest technology and high quality expertise enable us to provide world-class service.

Today’s innovative and effective beauty treatments provided by the BEAUTYRESIDENCE:
• Injections and Dermal Fillers
• Cellulite treatments
• Photoepilation
• Facelift/collagen stimulation
• Microdermabrasion/Mesotherapy/Facelift
• AHA Peelings (couperose, acne, pigmentation, photo aging, krono aging)
• Rejuvenating mesothreads
• Biorevitalization
• Eximia exclusive anti-cellulite body treatment

Common treatments:
• Manicure/Pedicure
• Permanent make-up
• Massage

Beautyresidence is in good hands – all of our employees are professionally educated, skilled, and experienced.

“In order to be irresistible, must have a special” C. Chanel
We care- find time for yourself and enjoy a little bit of luxury today!

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